Ezra gave birth to a litter of beautiful puppies (All the pups are sold)

She was pregnant of 10 puppies, but unfortunately she gave birth on the 59th day so much to early for 10 puppies!

We were just on our way from the Netherlands back to our house in Hungary.
We had to bring a litter of mixed puppies to the Netherlands who had to go to the shelter there.

And you can only take 5 puppies per person, which is why we had to go together.
We have not been away for long and our dogs have never given birth too soon.
We have a super good babysitter but she does”nt know about childbirth.
She found the first puppy in the basket in the kitchen, he was already deceased.

The 2nd puppy was born when we were home and went very fast but also this one was deceased.
We went to the vet and through a Caesarean there were still 8 born, all living and healthy.
But Ezra probably missed us so much and was so stressed that everything went differently than usual.
She can give birth very well under normal circumstances.
1 puppy died the next day but the other 7 pups are doing very well.
It is double for us, angry with ourselves, sadness and joy.
We never leave again in the last weeks of pregnancy.
We keep an eye on our mother and pups (day and night) but it is going so well now and Ezra is very calm and a super sweet mother.
We try to enjoy the puppies after all the stress and sorrow.

The pieces of orange-coloured you see are pieces of carrot that she enjoyed deliciously!