Bulls of Crown - Lou Lou

About Lou Lou

This is our female “Bulls of Crown Lou Lou” (red fawn) a female with super healthy bloodlines. Parents: Arnold Francuzskoe Velikolepie and Quinticha from Bulls of Angel (Quinticha is a daughter of our male Lanzilo or You-Chuan French Bull Dog Pro FCI ”(Red / Fawn) (import Taiwan)

She is a sweet and very enthusiastic bitch and has more the bulky build of her mother, only she is built longer with a clear nose and snout and a small short tail. Lou Lou is a real asset to our kennel in terms of character, longer build and nose. So far we are very happy with her!

Health results

Whether she is suitable for breeding, we don’t know yet, we have to wait for all genetic and physical results and with 14 months she will be tested for hereditary defects including x-rays (knees, elbows, back, hips, larynx)

Lou Lou is not yet in possession of a MyDogDNA profile.

Health results are always available to puppy buyers!
X-rays are only emailed to the specialist and not to the owner to prevent abuse!
All our dogs undergo a throat inspection under general anesthesia!!!

MyDogDNA profile:

Soon on this webpage
  • Cone-Rod Dystrophy (cord1-PRA / crd4): Wait for a result
  • CMR1 Canine Multifocal Retinopathy: Wait for a result
  • HUU Hyperuricosuria: Wait for a result
  • MH Malignant Hyperthermia: Wait for a result
  • Degeneratieve myelopatie (DM): Wait for a result
  • Multi-Drug Resistance 1, (MDR1): Wait for a result
  • Cystinurie type 3: Wait for a result
  • HC-HSF4 Hereditary Cataract: Wait for a result
  • NEW: Chondrodystrophy (CDDY): Wait for a result
  • NEW: Chondrodysplasia (CDPA): Wait for a result
  • Blue carrier: No
  • Merle carrier: No
  • Black & Tan carrier: No
  • DNA certificate: Soon

Color Genetics:

  • A Locus: 
  • B Locus:
  • C Locus:
  • D Locus: D/D
  • E Locus:
  • H Locus:
  • K Locus:
  • M Locus:
  • S Locus:
Pedigree Lou Lou
  • Heart:
  • Breathing: (costo-abdominal)
  • Elongated soft palate:Thickened soft palte:
  • Enlarged tonsoils:
  • Narrow trachea(trachea hypoplasin)
  • Trachea size:
  • Larynx:
  • Respiratory murmur:
  • Nostrils:
  • Skin and coat:
  • Ear canal:
  • Eyes: entriopion & ectropion:
  • Third eyelid & Cherry-eye:
  • Lacrmation:
  • Luxating Patella (joints):
  • Subluxatie (hip joint):
  • Tail: pintail:
  • Construction and whirling column:
  • Spondylosis:
  • Thoracic vertebrae:
  • Lumbar vertebrae:
  • Spine-pelvis transition:
  • Tail vertebrae:
  • Weigh: ?