Tisha is a very sweet affectionate 2 years old French Bulldog red / fawn sterilized female.

She is fully tested for genetic and physical hereditary defects (including x-rays of the back, knees, elbows, hips, larynx and throat inspection under general anesthesia) with super good results (these results are all included)

She is in possession of a MyDogDna profile (Finland) in which all genetic results can be found and much more interesting information (these results are also included)

You also get the separate genetic results that have been done in other countries as it should be.

Her father is our Lanzilo (import Taiwan) a sweet beautiful red teddy bear (also fully tested for hereditary defects)

Tischa has been fully vaccinated including rabies and neatly dewormed according to schedule and healthy!

Tisha is an enthusiastic, cheerful French Bulldog with a longer nose with large open nostrils.

It is a sensitive dog that needs a lot of love and attention, she is completely house trained and she doesn’t break anything, she is really very sweet and a clown and likes to lie with you and loves to cuddle a lot.

She is not suitable for inside a pack, females up to a certain age are fine but adult females who are in the order above her she does not know how to handle them (outside of our own territory that is no problem) but the divorce delivers a lot of stress both with us and with Tisha!

We have a kennel where our French Bulldogs always live inside and outside, males and bitches together and we want to keep it that way.

Tisha can go with a dog together or without dogs that is no problem and also goes well with cats!

She has had 1 litter but she is not suitable for breeding, she cannot handle the pain and she is not suitable as a mother.

Read the story on our website, here are also all the health results of Tisha and on the page of her father are his health results.


Only a very good home where she gets all the attention and love she deserves, she is still young, healthy, and likes everything.

With us she is lying on the couch, in the chair, or in her cage that she can choose herself, she can be alone, we would like to see her again because it is not just a decision that you make, it will also be very be sad to hand her over.

She is very kind to people and children and is used to extreme hot weather conditions here in Hungary.

She does not go to people who work full-time (this also applies to our puppies) and we also want to first see telephone contact and photos of how and where she comes to live, the feeling must just be very good!

In consultation we can take Tisha to the new owner at the end of this month (the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium…)

Email us for more information!