We have a fixed price for our pups, and we DON’T negotiate about that!!!

We don’t sell on installment either!
(A dog is a living being, and not an object!!!)

We sell the puppies for the same price of 1850 Euro regardless of which country they go to! Breeding is and remains a hobby and we hope to make people happy with a healthy puppy from fully tested parents !!!

Each puppy stays here up to 15 weeks (some countries 4 months)

The puppy is then vaccinated 3 times (including Rabies)
More info read “Export pups” CLICK HERE

Because already in the 12 years that we breed we have very high demands on the health of our French Bulldogs. We invested a lot of money (and continue to invest) in all possible health tests and importation of fresh blood. And because of our working method & breeding experience are the requests for puppies from our kennel are very popular.

NEW: In consultation with the specialist, all backs of the pups will be x-rayed around 7 the weeks old!

That is why we work with waiting lists. Our puppies are sold in the order of the waiting list and we are happy to help you find out a puppy that suits you (gender, color, character, built etc.)

Every litter we breed starts each time with a different letter, so you have to search for a name with the specified letter. We need the name of the puppy at latest when the puppies are 6 weeks old. This is in connection with requesting the pedigrees for the pups, which may take some time.

We only breed with FCI recognized pedigrees that you can go to all the shows in the world!

FCI (recognized AKC)

We also only breed FCI approved colors! NO Unrecognized colors.


When the pups are 2 weeks old, we ask a reservation fee of  €400!

Only after the full payment of 400 Euro is your reservation definitive.

***There will no refund of the reservation fee***

*We must keep the puppies that go to the Netherlands and Belgium for 15 weeks and to America 4 months. There are also countries that have their own different requirements.

The first 10 to 14 days consists mainly of eating, sleeping and growing so only the blanket they sleep on should be changed every day. We leave them alone as much as possible.

Every day we clean the whelping box and put a clean soft blanket in it, and then they lie back under the heat lamp with the tummy in the air or they drink a bit at their mommy.

There are breeders who weigh the puppies every day and we did that in the past, but if you have enough experience that’s no longer necessary. If they have nice full bellies and they’re happy then let them sleep, that’s better for the puppy, try to stay a bit with nature. Only if we feel like something is wrong and suspect that the puppies don’t get enough milk, or that we suspect that something else is going on we will weigh them, but if you have enough experience you will notice that quickly (of course we keep a very close eye the pups) If we have a bad feeling then we immediately go to the vet (day and night), we won’t sit and wait.

A good mother knows herself when she needs to feed and automatically turns to her other side with every feed, after drinking she will wash the tummies and the pups’ butts so that they start to poop and everything flows well.

Some mothers have to get used to a first litter, give them time and put the pups so that they can drink and the mother gets used to it. Then show the butts and tummies of her pups and reward her when she licks, usually it will be fine. (We have never experienced this ourselves with the French Bulldogs)

If it’s the case that they don’t change and she doesn’t care about the pups after all the time you put in them, then she’s not suitable for breeding, in nature the puppies would not survive. But as a house dog she will certainly be a companion for life. However, it’s important to feed the pups immediately with special replacement breast milk, for sale at the pet store and veterinarians (it’s wise to have this before delivery in the house)

Between 3 and 4 weeks old we start feeding meat * Real Nature Wilderness True Country Junior *

Chicken with salmon (95% PUUR MEAT !!!)

Optimally created to the needs of ‘small wolves’

Original food according to the example of the wolf and they eat that fairly quickly and of course they still drink with the mother.

For more detailed information about the food we give, raising our puppies and socialization CLICK HERE

Then the time of cleaning the pee and poop. Good mothers will keep everything clean for a long time but even then you have to mop it yourself regularly. Hygiene is extremely important!!!

*Also the induction phase (3 to 5 weeks)  you don’t have much work with a French Bulldog puppy (this varies per breed) they’re easy. You take them on your lap more often and cuddle with them, they play with each other, with the mother and with toys, you learn them to eat independently, play outside the puppy box and with the help of cardboard they’ll as good as house-trained within 5 weeks. And of course they like to play with the visitors and whether they’re adults or children, they both love it, it’s just in their character so you don’t have to drag them everywhere.

* When they’re 5 weeks old will get a tick drop in their neck and they’re allowed to play outside for a few days in the puppyren and when they’re used to it they can play with the French Bulldogs in the grass and that’s a big party.

With us there regularly rides freight traffic, tractors, busses, cars, and occasionally a motorbike on the roads, they hear cows, horses and wagons, so they don’t look at anything.

it’s nice to lie in the grass so they can climb on you and then lie down with you

With 6 weeks they get their first vaccination and microchip (the vet comes all inoculations including microchip at our home to do because of diseases in veterinary practices where daily sick dogs come. (It costs a lot more but is much safer for the pups) Also the puppies are thoroughly checked to see if they’re healthy.

More information about raising pups and socialization of our pups CLICK HERE

More information about the different phases of the pup can be read here CLICK HERE

* Only from 6/7 weeks they need more attention, and then the hard time really comes, they really have to get to know everything (optimal socialization) then they also walk with the adult French Bulldogs and American Bulldogs where they learn a lot from. They’re fully accustomed to big dogs when they leave here.

it’s so fun to see them play pull rope, such a small thing against a big bull but the brothers and sisters come to help, that’s a really amusing sight. They discover so much in a short time and enjoy everything and are not afraid of anything.

They also have to learn to walk on the leash and that’s quite a job at the beginning.

The socialization normally takes place at the new owner, but because of the law, you’ll have to handle it yourself.  It’s hard but it also has so many good sides that we enjoy it.

When they leave here they’re house trained, walk neatly on the leash, are not afraid of anything, are used to everything, and would love to be cuddled. They give love and also expect it back. They like to lie on your lap and love people.


Spring 2019 is the large in and outdoor playground of the French Bulldogs ready !!!
We do NOT sell our puppies to everyone! We love our puppies very much and do not want them to end up in the wrong hands !!!

Are you looking for a dog for breeding you can best buy a puppy from an experienced breeder who has been breeding for years and knows the breed and its faults through and through. They know their bloodlines (or a large part of the bloodlines) and can tell you all about it.

Buy your puppy only from a breeder who tests the dogs for hereditary defects as described on our website.

We have all the health results of our specialist dogs on paper and of course you can get a copy of these results. (it is very important to have these if you are planning to breed)

The brand we feed our adult dogs is Canun (supremus) and is of super quality and comes from Spain and is provided with natural antioxidants and only natural ingredients.

Healthy hearth

Good Digestion

Strong Bones

Healthy Coat

Our dogs receive extra oil (omega 3 and 6), extra, glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM, collagen and vitamin C.

They also have a lot of movement, a lot of love and attention, we have had a lot of space, it is a paradise for every dog and have all had a great feeling. . Our pups grow in a domestic circle (optimal socialization) and we have a lot of space outside. A hobby that originated from love for the beautiful gay race! (clown among the dog breeds)

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