Explanation export puppies to foreign countries

Our puppies are always sold worldwide (just for the sake of clarity we do NOT sell to everyone, we really need to have a very good feeling and if we do not, then the puppy will stay with us until the right owner is found)

The puppies that go to the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium we can bring (expenses 200 Euro).

Our car is equipped with air conditioning for when it is warm and of course heating when it is cold.

The pups lies on nice warm blankets and ofcourse we stop regularly to let them out and provide them with fresh water.

For the pups , who go to the UK , we have our own qualified shipper who is great with pups and the pups are just with him so he has direct contact with them .. His car is also equipped with air conditioning and heating.

The puppies that go to other countries will mostly go by plane (they are well taken care for to)

Our puppies have no stress after flying, we learned them to get used to a transport box and the sounds of an airplane. We always hear positive stories from the puppy buyers that they feel right at home.

If the pups are allowed to leave the litter: (update legislation Netherlands and USA)

  1. With the aircraft they can go with 15 weeks old, (fully vaccinated incl. Rabies)
  2. New rules USA: Pups permitted from 4 months (fully vaccinated incl. Rabies)
  3. New rules EU countries: Most European Countries have the new rule that the pups must stay at least 15 weeks (fully vaccinated incl. Rabies)
  4. They are complete wormed
  1. They have a health certificate of the vet,
  2. They have a European passport,
  3. They are chipped at our vet (ISO chip)
  4. They have a pedigree,
  5. They have a contract (sale agreement)
  6. They get puppy food with them,(only in the aircraft it’s not permitted)
  7. A surprise.