Raising pups and socialization

At birth there are no other people present, so that the mother can give birth in silence and peace, without stress. If there are other people present at birth, there will be a chance that the mother will look for another place to give birth because she won’t know what to do. With us they know that the whelping box is their place to give birth, so they always want to be in there (with the door open). So when she has contractions, she can go in and out whenever she wants. We do the same as in nature with mother in the cave and father guarding in front of the cave to keep predators away.

The first 10 days we take no pictures (in our hands). We let mother and child alone so that she can really enjoy her puppies. (We only take them in our hand to weigh them)

In the first 2 weeks, no other people are allowed near the pups. The mother stays in the welping box as she wants with the door closed (so she gets the rest that she deserves) The mother lets us know when she wants to get out of the box to do her business, and early on wants to ge back in the box as soon as possible. If you pick up the pups often, then the mother will get restless because she is worries that you’re going to take away her puppies.

When the pups are 2 weeks old, people are allowed to come over and see the pups and even hold them (we make sure the people use disinfecting gel first) The mother wants to come out of the whelping box more often, and will show it when she wants to feed or wash the pups.

At 3 weeks the pups will try to walk through the whelping box.

When they’re 4 weeks old, they will get their first anti-tick and anti-flea drops in their neck, and after that they’re allowed to go outside for the first time in a special puppy cage (if the weather is good enough). Between the 3 and 4 weeks old we start feeding meat “Real Nature Wilderness True Country Junior” Chicken and Salmon. Optimally tailored to the needs of ‘small wolves’ because we want to stay close to nature. (That remains our goal) And they love it and of course they also drink at the mother.


Chicken with Salmon (95% PURE MEAT !!!)

Perfectly balanced to meet the needs of little “wolves”: TRUE COUNTRY JUNIOR Chicken with Salmon is a complete feed for puppies and young dogs of all breeds and sizes from weaning up to approx. 24 months (depending on the dog’s size). Original nutrition based on the diet of wolves

With a very high meat content

Contains fruits, herbs & valuable ingredients
Grain-free formulation
Natural ingredients, supplemented with valuable vitamins and minerals that are useful for nutritional physiology; no added artificial preservatives, colourants or flavours.
Adapted to the different stages of your dog’s life.

When we have bad weather, they play in the puppy room during the day, and sleep in the whelping box at night (we have a lot of toys). We ensure with the help of a container with wood pellets that they are as good as potty trained by 6 weeks.

At 6 weeks we start feeding them solid dog food, the brand that we use is called “Canin”and is super quality and imported from Spain, it consists of natural antioxidants and only natural ingredients.

For mother and pups

  • Healthy Heart
  • Good digestion
  • Strong bones
  • Healthy coat
  • Healthy teeth

In the period when the pups go over to solid foods, they get milk kefir (probiotics) for extra support, which they find delicious and refreshing. This gives good balance of bacteria in the bowels.

By the use of kefir, the food gets digested and absorbed better, but milk kefir is so much more beneficial and has a lot of healthy benefits and it is pure natural.

When they are 6 weeks old they get vaccinated, and are allowed to play on the same field as our adult American Bulldogs (is on our own terain) also they get real collars (which are a lot stronger)

When they are 9 weeks old they get their 2nd vaccination, and at 12 weeks old their 3rd including Rabies.Our pups are never afraid of loud noises. We live on a farm, and so they hear so many loud noises that they don’t even look anymore (Tractors, carriages, horses, trucks, etc)

We also regularly get visitors, so they get plenty of attention and they love it.

Because our pups always go to foreign land and have to stay longer and we spend more time on socializing, what we do with a lot of love.♥

From years of experience we know that you’ll have a lot of fun with your puppy, and they will also give you a lot of love back ♥