This story below is important for buyers but also for breeders.

I want to say something about this because it really bothers us.

We made an unfounded unconscious mistake at the end of 2015.

We used a red French Bulldog male “Pajero Kron Vekar” from Germany who was tested on many hereditary defects (including back / neck, allergies, patellaluxatie, in short really super results and in the back / neck no wrong vertebra !!!)  (All results are in German on my PC) Nice combination for our Chaya , to get some coarser puppies ( Chaya is a hybrid type) The brother of the French bulldog male lived here in Hungary in our neighborhood, but he was not tested. So we prefer 14 hours of driving for a tested dog that fits our Chaya. We had a nice nest and they looked healthy. They had all found good owners, so we were satisfied (puppies born on January 27, 2016)

But later we received a message from the owners of a pup from this combination with breathing problems. We are terribly shocked. We had never experienced this with our own bred puppies but with 2 import French Bulldogs so we knew this very well. And then there was one with the same problem and we always send everyone to Sleeuwijk (bulldog specialist) More then half of the pups from this conscious litter had a too long palate (only the trachea was good) But afterwards there turned out to be many more health problems in this litter, too short legs, knee problems, closed nostrils, etc… We were so sad and we are always open and honest. If a puppy in a litter has a defect that can happen but so many puppies then you speak of a hereditary defect. 

We were very angry because the breeder lied about the poor airways of the dog because that is hereditary and these poor puppies had to undergo surgery, the long palates had to be shortened. We were also honest with the puppy buyers and supported them as much as possible, both emotionally and financially. The owner of the French bulldog male we used said he was too fat and out of shape, but that was clearly a lie. This will never happen again, we felt very guilty, we trusted the owner because the dog was tested for so many genetic defects. But now every dog ​​we use has to undergo a throat inspection before it is bred because we never want to experience it again!

So far we are very satisfied (aside from the litter I wrote about) But I will never say that I never breed an unhealthy dog, it is still nature that also plays along. We have never had hereditary problems with our own lines (our lines are healthy and strong)

Worldwide we have many applications for healthy French bulldogs with an FCI pedigree .

And you clearly notice that there are more and more FCI breeders who want to breed for health. It is also not that all breeders are exactly the same. There are enough breeders who unconsciously think they are doing well and do not know better, but who are thinking now are I doing a good job? And ask them what they can do to breed healthier and yes I am proud of that and if all those breeders only breed healthy dogs we have more and more healthy blood for breeding. Here in Hungary all dogs must be inspected before you can breed with them. If they are not approved, you will not get an FCI pedigree .