We of  Bulls of Crown kennel have started breeding (hobby) AMERICAN BULLDOGS since 1999 and FRENCH BULLDOGS since 2006 (only with parents who are tested for genetic disorders)

The percentages of hereditary defects on French Bulldogs has increased dramatically over the years. Less noticeable for the regular person is that the vitality has gone downhill as well. We have started doing tests for hereditary defects on our 2nd French Bulldog (back X-rays included), but we have greatly expanded our tests. All our French Bulldogs are tested on hereditary (screening specialist) and genetic defects (DNA cheek swab test) before we breed with them, and also they are all in possession of a DNA certificate! The goal is breeding toward French Bulldogs with a longer back and a slightly longer snout, a clear nose with open Nostrils and good breathing. But it should still remain naturally clear a French Bulldog) More information can be found on hereditary defects, which are described in detail per item.

We can never guarantee health for 100% because we are dealing with (distant) ancestors and as described above the breed is not in good shape and that is mainly due to the breed standard (short and stocky, the nose is wide and pops up) the nostrils are arranged symmetrically, lie obliquely backwards) This should be changed to a longer body (more space for the organs and the back that is not pressed together like a yo-yo), nose should be a little longer with large nostrils and must have a normal position so that the dog can breathe well and also the larynx gets more space. All the health problems what have been bred in the French Bulldog for so many years, you don’t breed that easily out of a breed, no matter how much we would like that.

We breed with French Bulldogs that meet very strict healthy requirements in terms of genetic and physical abnormalities (see our health tests)

Problems that may still occur occasionally are:
* Too narrow nostrils,
* Palate too long,
(or combination of both)

These 2 problems can be easily solved by an operation and the dog will not be disturbed by it afterwards. and the dog will no longer be bothered by it.

Of course we are also busy to breed this out, but if you want to keep a breed pure-bred without losing the traits without use other breeds or  cross breeds (which is the easiest and cheapest method) then as a breeder you will first have to tackle the hereditary defects that are very actually serious that the dog can no longer live a dog-worthy life.

Even though you make the same combination so many times with great puppies that we would like to see in a French Bulldog, there can always be a pup (s) with a recoil on the ancestors with long palates or / and narrow nostrils or other deviations. no breeder can guarantee a healthy puppy, it remains a living creature.

What we have already achieved in terms of health problems at the French Bulldog in the 15 years that we have been breeding and are very proud of:
* Healthy backs
* Spacious trachea
* Good knees
* Good elbows
* Good hips
*No coat problems or allergies
*No sufferers of genetic hereditary abnormalities(dogs can be carriers but never get problems because we only combine carrier x free and free x free)

Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to only combine free x free, but carrier x free also gives partial free offspring that you can use at the given moment if you have enough variation.

You also have to deal with nature that has a hand in it as with other animals and people, 2 healthy people can also have an unhealthy child if the fusion after fertilization does not go well.

And another important point is how puppy buyers interact with their puppy in the first year (this applies to every breed) to prevent skeleton and similar problems (hips, knees, elbows, back, etc.)

*The right food that is tailored to the food for a growing puppy is very important and keep a puppy at a good weight, keep him lean so not too thick and not skinny but feel clearly the ribs and if you don’t trust it then go to your vet and let him feel the puppy.
*Movement is useful and good for the development of your dog’s skeleton and muscle, but pay attention to:
*No long walks but build it up, no climbing stairs, avoid soft sand, no wild games and movements, watch out for potholes, this can lead to developmental disruptions that have lifelong consequences!
*Provide sufficient mandatory rest.


It’s possible to take out insurance for your pet. This can help you to cover any costs incurred by the veterinarian. You can inquire with the various insurance companies about the conditions and premium and compare them, it is recommended to be able to pay unexpected costs such as operations and emergencies that can be very high.

Finally, as we proceed in terms of breeding with our strict breeding policy, it will certainly take another 10 years to achieve the desired result. And when we have achieved our goal, we are talking about breeding concerns genetic hereditary defects to use only free x free dogs. External hereditary defects such as large nostrils and normal palates and bitches that can give birth in a natural way.

We keep looking for the best breeding material to get the French Bulldog completely healthy again.

Breeding French Bulldogs is just hobby for us and we don’t breed them to get rich.

You can send us a message with a clear explanation about yourself (family) what you have to offer a puppy, experience, how long the dog is alone (we do not sell puppies to people who work full-time) so preferably as much information as possible. Then we will email you back to make an appointment for a telephone conversation that is more personal, the easiest is via whatsapp. Of course you can also call us directly without sending an email in advance.

A puppy with us costs 2000 Euro for private individuals (these are sold with a breeding ban) and we ask 2500 Euro for breeders (with breeding rights)

French Bulldog kennel “Bulls of Crown” that breeds out of love for the breed!

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  • FCI Pedigree
  • Pure breed
  • FCI recognized colors
  • Healthy Built
  • DNA-certificate 
  • MyDogDna Profile
  • Hereditary Genetic disorders
  • Hereditary physical disorders
  • X-rayed (back, knees, elbows, hips and larynx)

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Our dogs are all in possession of a DNA certificate, and they are also tested for 210 additional disease mutations found in other breeds.

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At the links on our website you can find our French Bulldogs, on every page of our dogs the health results and FCI pedigrees are mentioned.

We are very proud of what we in the 12 years of breeding have achieved in terms of appearance and health. We only use pure French Bulldogs in our bloodlines, so no prohibited colors that have arisen from crossings. Also we place no pups at other people so that we can use the female for breeding when we wants.

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