We at Bulls of Crown kennel have started breeding (hobby) of American Bulldogs and French Bulldogs since 2006 (only with parents who have been tested for hereditary defects)

Here in Hungary all dogs have to be inspected before you can breed with them. If they are not approved, you will not get an FCI pedigree.

Given that the French Bulldog is very popular, the percentage with hereditary disorders has increased dramatically years ago and the largest percentage are French Bulldogs without a recognized FCI pedigree and smaller percentage are French Bulldogs with an FCI recognized pedigree. The problem as described above does not only occur in the Netherlands and the surrounding countries, but also in other countries. However, there are also countries with FCI pedigrees and countries such as America and Canada (the latter two operate independently) where health is not taken so seriously and breeds with small very short dogs, the nose as flat as possible and without a small tail and the majority have breathing problems and many hereditary disorders. Less visible to the layman is that due to breeding with problems, vitality has deteriorated. We have already started testing for hereditary defects (including X-rays of the back) with our second French Bulldog, but we have expanded the tests much more. All our French Bulldogs   are fully tested for hereditary / genetic abnormalities before breeding and they are also all in possession of a DNA certificate! The goal is to breed a healthy type of French Bulldog with a slightly longer back, with a small nose with open nostrils and good breathing (see photo puppy 4 months old) (It must of course still clearly remain a French Bulldog and do not become a hunting dog type) This puppy in the picture is cream in color in real life and this color but also variegated ones (with white spots) never have a black mask but do pass a black mask on to their offspring.

It has always been our aim to stay close to nature, so we have our own method. You can read more information at hereditary defects that are neatly described in detail per part, click here. The health results and pedigrees are listed for each dog on their own page.

We are very proud of what we have achieved since 2006 in terms of appearance and health. We only use FCI recognized colors so no prohibited colors. There may still be FCI banned colors in the back lines. Since February 1, 2016, French Bulldogs with the unrecognized colors Blue, Blue Merle, Chocolate Brown and Black & Tan can no longer be used for breeding. In principle, the mentioned colors do not occur in the French Bulldog and there is a suspicion that these entail health problems. But our dogs are all color tested and since they are not carriers of these colors they cannot produce them. Finally, a French Bulldog does not have a long tail genetically and cannot inherit this either.

The Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) is a worldwide umbrella organization for purebred dogs (cynology) (founded 1911) The FCI is a partnership of many national kennel clubs (100 countries) Not all national kennel clubs are members of the FCI. For example, the kennel clubs of Great Britain, Canada and America are not affiliated; they operate independently. However, the FCI and the American, Canadian and English kennel clubs have made mutual agreements, among other things about the recognition of stud books.

We can never guarantee 100% health because we are dealing with (distant) ancestors and with nature and as described above, the breed is not always in a good shape and that is mainly due to the breed standard (short and stocky, the nose is wide and pops up, nostrils are symmetrically placed, angled back) This should be changed to a longer body (more room for the organs and the back not compressed like a yo-yo), nose should be slightly be longer with wide nostrils and should have a normal position so that the dog can breathe properly and also has more room in the larynx. What health problems have been bred into for so many years, you can’t just breed out of it, no matter how much we would like to.

We breed with French Bulldogs that meet very strict genetic and physical requirements. See our health tests click here

Problems that can still occur sporadically are:
*Nostrils too narrow,
*Too long palate,
(or combination of both)
These 2 problems are easy to solve with surgery and the dog will not be bothered by it anymore. Just to be clear, with narrow nostrils and a long palate should NEVER be bred!!!

Of course we are also busy breeding this out, but if you want to keep a breed pure without the properties being lost without crossing other breeds or crossings (which is the easiest and cheapest method), you as a breeder will first check the hereditary defects. must tackle that are actually serious that the dog can no longer lead a dignified life.

Even if you make the same combination so many times that give great puppies with everything we like to see in a French Bulldog, there can always be a puppy (s) with a backlash on the ancestors with long palates or / and narrow nostrils or other abnormalities. but eventually these problems will also disappear through good selection.

What we have achieved in general in terms of health problems in the French Bulldog that we have been breeding since 2006 and are very proud of:
*Healthy backs
*Spacious trachea
*good knees
*good elbows
*Good hips
*No hereditary coat problems or allergies (allergies can also arise spontaneously, just like with humans)
*No sufferers of genetic hereditary abnormalities (dogs can be carriers, but they are never hindered from below because we only combine carrier x free and free x free)

Unfortunately it is not yet possible to only combine free x free, but carrier x free also gives offspring that you can continue to breed with.

You also have to deal with nature that has a hand in it just like with other animals and people, 2 healthy people can also have an unhealthy child if the fusion after fertilization does not go well.

And another important point is how the puppy buyers handle their puppy during the first year (that applies to every breed) to prevent skeletal and similar problems (hips, knees, elbows, back, etc.)

* The right food that is tailored to the food for a growing puppy is very important and keep a puppy at a good weight, so not too fat and not skinny but feel the ribs clearly and if you are not familiar with it, let your vet know feel the puppy.
*Exercise is useful and good for the development of your dog’s skeleton and musculature, but please note:
*No long walks but build it up, no stairs, avoid Loch sands, no wild games and movements, watch out for potholes, this can cause developmental disorders with lifelong consequences!
* Make sure you have enough mandatory rest.


It is possible to take out insurance for your pet. This can help you to cover any vet costs. You can inquire with the various insurance companies about the conditions and premium and compare them, it is recommended to be able to pay unexpected costs such as operations and emergencies that can be very high.

Finally, the way we work in terms of breeding with our strict breeding policy, it will take years to achieve the desired result and we have achieved our goal, then we are talking about breeding genetic hereditary abnormalities that we then only have with free x free breeding dogs, and of course external hereditary defects such as wide nostrils and normal palates and bitches that can give birth in a natural way.
We continue to look for the best breeding material to get the French Bulldog completely healthy again.

We also don’t rehome females with someone else so that we can continue breeding with the female to earn more money click here

Breeding is a hobby for us that we don’t have to get rich from.
You can send us a message through the contact form with a clear explanation about yourself (family) what a puppy has to offer, experience, how long is the dog alone (we do not sell puppies to people who work full-time) so preferably as much as possible information. Then we will email you back to make an appointment for a telephone conversation, which is a bit more personal. Of course you can also call us directly without sending an email in advance

French Bulldog kennel “Bulls of Crown” who breed out of love for the breed!

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Our dogs are all in possession of a DNA certificate, and they are also tested for 210 additional disease mutations found in other breeds.

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At the links on our website you can find our French Bulldogs, on every page of our dogs the health results and FCI pedigrees are mentioned.

We are very proud of what we in the 12 years of breeding have achieved in terms of appearance and health. We only use pure French Bulldogs in our bloodlines, so no prohibited colors that have arisen from crossings. Also we place no pups at other people so that we can use the female for breeding when we wants.

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