We have a fixed price of 1850 Euro for our pups, and we DON’T negotiate about that!!!

We don’t sell on installment either!
(A dog is a living being, and not an object!!!)

We sell the puppies for the same price of regardless of which country they go to! Breeding is and remains a hobby and we hope to make people happy with a healthy puppy from fully tested parents !!!

We breed at the latest 3 litters a year so that we can give them all the love, attention and good socialization what the puppy needs for the rest of his life.

Each puppy stays here up to 15 weeks (some countries 4 months)

The puppy is then full vaccinated (including Rabies)
More info read “Export pups

Because already in the 12 years that we breed we have very high demands on the health of our French Bulldogs. We invested a lot of money (and continue to invest) in all possible health tests and importation of fresh blood. And because of our working method & breeding experience are the requests for puppies from our kennel are very popular.

That is why we work with waiting lists. Our puppies are sold in the order of the waiting list and we are happy to help you find out a puppy that suits you (gender, color, character, physique etc.)

Every litter we breed starts each time with a different letter, so you have to search for a name with the specified letter. We need the name of the puppy at latest when the puppies are 6 weeks old. This is in connection with requesting the pedigrees for the pups, which may take some time.

We breed only with FCI pedigrees that are recognized in all countries around the world.
FCI (recognized AKC)
We also only breed FCI approved colors! NO Unrecognized colors.


If the puppies with 6 weeks old have been chosen by the new owners then we ask for a deposit of 400 Euro.

Only after the full payment of 400 Euro is your reservation definitive.
***There will no refund of the reservation fee***

There are exceptions:
1. When the breeder finds the puppy unsuitable for sale in terms of health.
2. Death of the puppy before he / she is handed over to the new owner.

For questions you can call us on telephone number:
Home: 0036-74-434089
Mobile: 0036-307919990
WhatsApp: 0036-307919990 (free calls)

Then we get to know each other better and that is important for both of us.
You can watch the puppies live when they are born, you will receive information about this.

With best regards,
Bulls or Crown kennel