A puppy costs with us from January 1, 2023, 2500 Euros for private individuals and 3000 Euros for breeders. The first reason “very important” is that we only work with official worldwide recognized FCI pedigrees and do not cross with other breeds which unfortunately happens more and more and these cross puppies are sold as real French Bulldogs. As a result, real French Bulldogs with a worldwide recognized FCI pedigree are becoming increasingly rare in some countries, including the Netherlands. Secondly, we continue to import healthy tested French Bulldogs with new bloodlines which cost a lot of money. We also do not breed colors or fashion colors that are NOT recognized by the FCI. More information about the unrecognized colors click here For more information about the FCI click here

Important for new puppy buyers who want to be placed on the waiting list!

The deposit for registration for the waiting list costs 75 euros for everyone. The reason is that there are people we spend a lot of time on (calling, texting, asking questions how and what, when it’s their turn on the waiting list, etc.) That costs us a lot of energy and time. These kind of people want to know everything and we are always polite to answer everything. Some people keep asking questions and always get an honest answer. And the majority have known for a long time that they are going to buy a puppy elsewhere. We are simply used for information. We always want to help and make everyone happy  but not this way and it’s just bad that people treat you this way. People can buy a puppy everywhere, we have no problem with that at all.

We all charge the same price for the puppies that we sell to private individuals, regardless of male or female and which country they go to! Breeding is and remains a hobby and we hope to be able to make people happy with a healthy puppy from fully tested parents that is the best thing there is!

Our puppies are always sold worldwide, just to be clear we do NOT sell to everyone! After we have received an e-mail with full text and explanation from the potential puppy buyers, there will be a telephone conversation (which applies to all countries) and we have to have a mutual “buyer & breeder” feeling very good and if it clicks then the prospective puppy buyers will be placed on the waiting list.

Again, even though we do all health tests that are possible, we can never 100% guarantee a healthy puppy because it remains a living being in which nature and the ancestors also play an important role!

Explanation costs:

To breed healthy, the costs are high. We do health tests in Hungary, England and Germany and more and more health tests are being added, which means that the costs are very high.

The purchase of new dogs for fresh blood also costs a lot of money and if the dogs are not suitable for breeding after all health tests, we have to rehome them and the purchase costs, import costs and health testing costs are all lost.
We breed with a female no later than 4 litters in her entire life, after which she is sterilized and after that we start again with a new bitch that has passed all health tests.
We also go completely for natural births, but unfortunately that still does not always work with the French Bulldog and then it is a caesarean section and that is not cheap and then you will see that it has to happen at night or at the weekend then the cost much higher.
Adult dogs must be regularly dewormed, treated against fleas and ticks, have the necessary vaccinations, healthy quality food which is very important for strong healthy offspring, etc.

In the Netherlands, for example, a puppy leaves at 7 weeks and then the puppy has only had 1 vaccination, is dewormed up to 7 weeks, is chipped and gets a pedigree. On average, the puppies drink from the mother for the first 4 weeks, so they only need to be fed for 3 weeks, but after the 7 weeks, the heavy work comes and the costs rise considerably.
With us, the expenses for the puppies are many times higher because they have to stay with us up to 15 weeks (that is 8 weeks longer) because they always go abroad (15 weeks is required by law before they can cross the border (with the exception of some countries). ) The puppies are fully vaccinated for a year, that is 4 vaccinations including rabies. They are regularly dewormed and treated every 4 weeks against fleas and ticks on a natural basis. At 4 weeks old they switch to meat until 8 weeks old then go they are switched to special kibble for puppies They are given special powder through the food until they leave for optimal lubrication and balanced growth of the joints and skeleton This is also on a natural basis

The puppies are also chipped and they get an official worldwide recognized FCI export pedigree and a European passport (legally required if they go abroad) The other expenses are, vet examination, petrol costs, membership of the breed club, receipt disinfectants that you use daily, power for the warming rugs that are on day and night, the washing machine that runs overtime and the associated wear and tear, wear and tear on rugs, wood pellets for the pee/poo box to potty train the puppies (2 bags per day ), toys that you have to buy new with every litter, dog baskets that are broken by the puppy teeth must be replaced, chew bones, space needs to be heated extra if you have puppies, mucous suckers, fat beds for the whelping box, too much to eat to call. Also, almost everything that has to do with animals here in Hungary is very expensive. The vet is cheaper than in the Netherlands and we go there for the regular things, but for operations and urgent cases we go to the animal hospital and that is a long drive and you need a toll card. Then I haven’t even mentioned all the hours that go into it. Optimal socialization, learning to walk on a leash, visiting the puppies, games, cuddling, cleaning, too much to mention and that is priceless. But we do it with love! Finally, we are 100% hobby breeders, so we do not breed commercially and we would never want to because it is a living creature, so we can not deduct anything from the tax, so all costs are for our account.

We sell the puppies for the same price of regardless of which country they go to! Breeding is and remains a hobby and we hope to make people happy with a healthy puppy from fully tested parents !!!

We breed at the latest 3 litters a year so that we can give them all the love, attention and good socialization what the puppy needs for the rest of his life.

We all sell the puppies for the same price regardless of male or female and to which country they go! Breeding is and will remain a hobby and we hope to make people happy with a healthy puppy from fully tested parents that is the best thing there is! However, we can never guarantee a 100% healthy puppy because it remains a living creature where nature and ancestors also play an important role!

We breed no more than 3 litters a year so that we can give them all the love, attention and good socialization that the puppy needs for the rest of his life.

Most of the puppies stay here until they are 15 weeks old (with the exception of some countries where they travel by plane if there is a companion, then 8 weeks old is allowed). That is legal!

The puppies are vaccinated 4 times (including rabies), regularly dewormed and get drops every 4 weeks against fleas and ticks, the latter is on a natural basis) The puppies are 100% house trained and are walking already neatly on a leash. They are also very well socialized, they are used to cars, trucks, tractors, mowers, horse and carriage, cats, other dogs (big and small), strange people and children. They love to cuddle and have very sweet affectionate characters.

Register with us on WhatsApp.The number is next to the WhatsApp logo (Click here) or fill in the contact form with a clear explanation about yourself (family) what you have to offer a puppy, experience, how long is the dog alone (we do not sell puppies to people who work full-time) so preferably as much information as possible, we can already get a lot out of that. Then we will contact you to make an appointment for a telephone conversation that is a bit more personal. We always answer back, so if you don’t hear anything, the mail could also have ended up in the spam box. If you do not receive a message at all, something went wrong and we recommend that you contact us again.

More info readExport pups

Because already in the 12 years that we breed we have very high demands on the health of our French Bulldogs. We invested a lot of money (and continue to invest) in all possible health tests and importation of fresh blood. And because of our working method & breeding experience are the requests for puppies from our kennel are very popular.

That is why we work with waiting lists. Our puppies are sold in the order of the waiting list and we are happy to help you find out a puppy that suits you (gender, color, character, physique etc.)

Every litter we breed starts each time with a different letter, so you have to search for a name with the specified letter. We need the name of the puppy at latest when the puppies are 6 weeks old. This is in connection with requesting the pedigrees for the pups, which may take some time.

We breed only with FCI pedigrees that are recognized in all countries around the world.
FCI (recognized AKC)
We also only breed FCI approved colors!
NO Unrecognized colors.


If the puppies with 6 weeks old have been chosen by the new owners then we ask for a deposit of 400 Euro.

Only after the full payment of 400 Euro is your reservation definitive.
***There will no refund of the reservation fee***

There are exceptions:
1. When the breeder finds the puppy unsuitable for sale in terms of health.
2. Death of the puppy before he / she is handed over to the new owner.

For questions you can call us on telephone number:
Home: 0036-74-434089
Mobile: 0036-307919990
WhatsApp: 0036-307919990 (free calls)

Then we get to know each other better and that is important for both of us.
You can watch the puppies live when they are born, you will receive information about this.

With best regards,
Bulls or Crown kennel