I am a breeder and enthusiast of the functional, fully health-tested purebred French Bulldog without crosses with other breeds and crossbreeds. I also only breed recognized colors such as brindle, piebald (white with brindle plates or white with fawn plates) and fawn from light to dark. So I don’t breed with banned colors because they cause health problems Click here for more information. The parent animals that we combine are also not related to each other. The love for this wonderful breed with its clown character is very great and I could not imagine life without my French Bulldogs. They mean the world to me, they are a big part of my life! We have always said that we never want to breed commercially because you are talking about living beings and not things.

About us

We at Bulls of Crown have started breeding (as a hobby) American Bulldogs since 1999 and French Bulldogs since 2006 (only with parents who have been tested for hereditary defects).

After more than 20 years, we stopped breeding the American Bulldog and now focus entirely on breeding the healthy French Bulldog.

We are animal lovers through and through and breeding dogs, started in 1999, is a hobby and will always remain a hobby.

We don’t breed to make a lot of money, but because we enjoy it, it remains endearing and beautiful to experience everything around the pregnancy, delivery and growing up of the pups.

I Edwin have always had a good job in the Netherlands but most of the money went to the dogs. (We had good experienced help in the Netherlands)

We moved to Hungary because of the illness of my wife Daphne (space, rest, nature)

Daphne has medicines that she has to take her whole life, without them she can’t live.

Because of this, a lot of work always ended up on my shoulders but since we live in Hungary there is a lot more rest in our live. The dogs live in a paradise and we enjoy that a lot. This is a dream of every dog.

*** We have our own monthly income so we don’t live off the dogs ***

If you want to breed healthy, it is an expensive hobby with happiness and sadness. The time that goes into it’s  unaffordable. But it is an addiction. If you see the mother with the puppies in the whelping box you will be overwhelmed with happiness.

Of course everyone is welcome in Hungary, we will proudly show our four-legged friends.

General information

All our dogs are in possession of a DNA certificate and are NOT carriers of the sick colors like blue and Merle !!!!

All our French Bulldogs are in possession of a recognized worldwide FCi pedigree!!! (more info  about officially recognized pedigrees and fake pedigrees Click Here)

With the American Bulldogs we have achieved our goal through strict selection in terms of “health” and “type”, but that has also taken many years.

With French Bulldogs we have made giant steps, but we aren’t there yet and it will take us many years to achieve our goal.

We breeding 2 to 3 litters French Bulldogs a year. We do this with a lot of love! Our dogs are part of our family.

Our French Bulldogs are real house dogs who like to lie in front of the stove in winter, and on our lap but in good weather they like to be outside and enjoy the sun or lying in the pool. They have 1000 square meters where they can romp about and enough toys to play with.

Our French Bulldogs do not live in a bench or kennels but in the house. We have two packs of which one pack with two males and the rest females and a pack with one male and the rest females. We only use a crate when a females is in heat.

Through the years we have gained a lot of experience and build up a worldwide reputation on the field of health and trustworthiness.

We have sold puppies to Argentina, Finland, Belgium, Germany, Canada, Sweden, United States, South Africa, and the Netherlands.

In 2011 we bought a farm in Hungary, where we started living permanently in February 2014!

Exporting pups to the Netherlands in no problem, but there will be a compensation. For extensive information, look at “export pups

Hereditary defects

There are various hereditary defects in each breed, but different tests have to be invented that are suitable for the French Bulldog and that and that takes a lot of time. But fortunately, more and more tests have been developed in recent years with which you can test the French bulldog for miscellaneous hereditary defects.  You can test the French Bulldogs by means of DNA (among other things with cheek slime) so that you know which healthy combinations you can make. More information can be found under “Health / Hereditary disorders” click here

The French Bulldogs R.I.P Titan (import Slovakia) and R.I.P Odessa (import Spain) with which we have built our line have been fully tested in veterinary clinic Sleeuwijk including X-rays of the back (DNA tests for hereditary abnormalities did not yet exist)

For all information about buying a puppy from us click here