Health (Hereditary) problems of French Bulldogs

Unfortunately a lot of health problems occur in the French Bulldog breed.  In this page I will try to tell more about them. To keep things clear, I have classified the health problems into tabs.

Because of these health problems, only a small part of the French Bulldogs is suitable for breeding. The long list of tabs shows the need for extensive health tests. These health tests are something we value a lot.

Unfortunately there are a lot of people who breed “just for fun” without any prior knowledge, they pick the male that looks good, and let him breed with the female.  There is usually no speaking of tests, not of the male, nor the female. If you look at the list, you can see that the puppies won’t be the healthiest. Of course there are exceptions, or people who are just lucky. When you are looking for a French Bulldog, let yourself get well informed. Ask the breeder what he or she does the prevent problems. A yearly checkup at the veterinarian is not enough to declare a dog good for breeding! A good breeder can give and discuss the results of health tests. A good breeder will also stand by you, and help you with any questions or problems, and will make sure that these will be solved.

Which health tests we do are written in “our health tests”, and what they represent is written here in detail.