As you may know, the “arrow-tail” is the original tail and the “corkscrew-tail” is a type of tail that is also allowed.

This not only has significance for the beauty of the dog, but also for the health of the dog. (The tail belongs to the skeleton of the dog)

At the arrow-shaped tail, the tail vertebrae are usually applied normally and a normal movement of the tail is possible.

The skin under the tail can usually be cleaned properly and there will not be any “heating” under the tail, because airflow is possible.

At the “corkscrew-tail” the tail vertebrae are fused together. Sometimes a slight movement of the tail is possible.

With this tail it is certainly not excluded that the tail tip is not neatly on / above the anus, but that it is directed inwards.

If this is the case, it is often very difficult to clean the skin under the tail.

The result is that the skin will start to ignite on the spot, causing the dog get itching gets around the anus.

The bulldog can often not lick around the tail like for example a labrador retriever, but he can rub the tail carrot over the floor or along a wall.

It is often thought at such a moment that the bulldog suffers from his anal glands or that worms are involved.

A good examination of the tail and anal glands can give a definite answer.

If the inflammation of the skin under the tail is the cause, first the skin will be cleaned with, for example, betadine or detol and then infused with an anti-inflammatory ointment (for example Hydrocortiderm), this must be done 2 to 3 times a day.

Sometimes it is also necessary to give an antibiotic treatment.

If the skin inflammation is over one still has to continue to clean and anoint the skin under the tail every day.

If the tail tip has grown so far inwards that cleaning does not work or if the tail partially presses the rectum, then it is decided to amputate the tail.

In this case, the entire tail is usually removed and the skin that is present on the tail is constructed like a “fop tail” so that it is not so “bald” at the back.