About Odessa

This was our import female R.I.P Odessa de los Tarantos(import Spain)
Odessa was a beautiful very strong short built female, super in conformation with a excellent social character. Her father is Karisoke Jamón and her mother is Electra de los Tarantos.
Odessa was real profit for our breed qua type, color and her character we were very glad to have this very social female in our yard!!! Odessa was a really good show dog and we expected a lot of her in the future… Our pregnant French Bulldog odessa the Los Tarantos died 5 days before the pups would be born.

From the autopsy report showed that odessa is deceased with a rare form of meningitis. this was Incurably! she has had so much pain all the time! We are so sad!

R.I.P our girl and your 6 little baby’s…

Odessa has become two years old and we miss her so much, the pain is terrible, R.I.P our little girl!!!

Health results

She is fully tested with almost 16 months old (including X-rays of his back):

(Tested in Animal clinic Sleeuwijk (Netherlands)

  • Heart: good
  • Breathing: good
  • Respiratory murmur: no
  • Nostrils: large
  • Skin and coat: goed
  • Ear canal: good
  • Eyes: entropion & ectropion: free
  • Third eyelid & Cherry-eye: free
  • Luxating Patella (joints): free
  • Subluxatie (hip joint) free
  • Tail: pintail: good
  • Construction and whirling column: good
  • Spondylosis: free
  • Thoracic vertebrae: yes 12/11 & 8-7
  • Lumbar vertebrae: free
  • Weight: good (12 Kilo)
  • Delution: D/D
  • Delution: B/B
  • DNA certificate: yes