Placing females that are born here with other people so that we can still breed with her, is something we want no part in! A male is a different story, but can still give a lot of problems, so we don’t partake in that either! There are breeders that do it “all rewards, with no effort”

The female is placed with another person, there are no bounded cost, but the pup remains in the official ownership of the breeder. (Usually, a contract is signed how the breeder wants it) Each breeder has their own demands, mostly it’s about the pups that so that they can be placed elsewhere, and how the rest of the pups will be sold.
The female happily grows op with her new owners and is attached to them and the environment. But then comes the time that the breeder wants her to have a litter, she will be bred and get pregnant. Then she will be send back to the breeder and she has to complete the pregnancy, give birth, and spend 8 weeks there.

This means that the female has to leave her trusted owners and environment for at least 3 months, while her hormones are causing enough stress and problems for her already. Visiting her is discouraged, because she will get confused, because when you leave, she will want to come with you, and when you don’t take her, she will feel abandoned. She will feel terrible and you won’t be happy either.

Would you want to do that to your dog?

A male could be placed as stud, and this can be fine. But it can also be, that at a certain age the male will pee on everything and will try to ride on everything (hump it). This can be on anything, even children. When that happens, it might be better to castrate him. No matter you look at it. Do you love your dog? Do you want your sweet female to experience this? And it is NOT your dog for now! The breeder will always interfere with everything, you do not have freedom, just think about that!