Over Quinticha

This is our import female “Quinticha (aka Ticha) from Bulls of Angel” and she is from Belgium
She has a longer nose with large open nostrils, she could have been built a bit finer and longer, and she have unfortunately a little too long palate but definitely not extreme, that’s why she is combined with a dog that has a perfect palate and a long, narrow build. She has the advantage that she has a longer nose with large open nostrils therefore she has no breathing problems, otherwise she was excluded from breeding. Her mother is Denise from Bulls of Angel kennel and her father is our male Lanzilo or You-Chuan French Dog Pro FCI (import Taiwan)
See the wonderful health results of her father Lanzilo, he has been tested with 16 months (Bulldog specialist Sleeuwijk) and with 6.6 years old (Központi Állatkórház Szekszárd) see here the health results of Lanzilo.

Why excluded from breeding after 1 litter:

Our Quintisha aka Tisha got 2 puppies.
It had not all gone as expected.
The contractions came early in the afternoon and the start went well.
Also is she somewhat wider built. But with the longest nose with very large open nostrils and the father is tall and muscular and the male we used is also long and muscular we had great expectations.
But the problem was what we had never experienced before that she could not lick her vulva so when mucus came out she rolled through the whelping box like a rocking horse and she also had many problems with breathing because she was so worried and therefore started hyperventilating.
We could no longer see this, so before the evening she was lying on the operating table for a caesarean section.
Full of surprise, she only had 2 puppies that we have been working on for a long time to get into the puppies.
Quinticha is immediately sterilized.
She does have huge milk packages so milk abounds.
The first 2 days we sat with her and the puppies day and night.
In the beginning it went perfectly and she was a super sweet mother.
It’s an expensive litter and there are already people who said why did you have Tisha sterilized she has been tested for everything, which is a shame.
No she is not suitable for breeding, she is panicking and she is not good with pain.
She is too short and too broad in construction.
The welfare of the animal comes first with us.
She was enjoying the puppies to the fullest really a sweet mom.
The first few weeks she was a great mum but after 3 weeks she had seen it but luckily our Inca took care of the puppies.
Tisha is a dog with a very sweet affectionate character and now enjoys the well-earned rest! XXX

Health results

She is fully tested with 20 months old (including X-rays of her back, knees, elbows, hips and larynx) at Központi Állatkórház Szekszárd.
Soon she will be in possession of a of MyDogDNA profile click here

X-rays and written health results are always available for puppy buyers!

MyDogDNA profile:

  • CMR1 Canine Multifocal Retinopathy: Free
  • HUU Hyperuricosuria: Free
  • MH Malignant Hyperthermia: Free
  • cord1-PRA: Waiting for results. Carrier
  • Degeneratieve myelopatie (DM): Free
  • Cystinurie type 3: Carrier
  • HC-HSF4 Erfelijke Cataract: Free
  • Delution: D / D
  • Weight: Good
  • DNA certificate: Present

Color Genetics:

  • A Locus: ay/ay
  • B Locus: B/B
  • C Locus: C/C
  • D Locus: D/D
  • E Locus: Em/e
  • H Locus: h/h
  • K Locus: ky/ky
  • M Locus: m/m
  • S Locus: S/S

193 additional disease mutations found in other breeds were also tested. Nothing found in this this dog.

Pedigree Ticha
  • Heart: Good
  • Breathing: (costo-abdominal) Good
  • Elongated soft palate: Slightly present
  • Thickened soft palte:  None
  • Enlarged tonsoils: None
  • Narrow trachea(trachea hypoplasin) None
  • Trachea size: 10 millimeters (X-ray)
  • Larynx: Normal
  • Respiratory murmur: Low present
  • Nostrils: Large
  • Skin and coat: Good
  • Ear canal: Good
  • Eyes: entriopion & ectropion: Free
  • Third eyelid & Cherry-eye: Free
  • Lacrmation: Good (18-26mm/min)
  • Luxating Patella (joints): Free (X-ray)
  • Subluxatie (hip joint) Free (X-ray)
  • Tail: pintail: Good
  • Construction and whirling column: (X-ray)
  • Spondylosis: Free
  • Thoracic vertebrae: Free
  • Lumbar vertebrae: Free
  • Spine-pelvis transition: Free
  • Tail vertebrae: Normal