Rehome dogs

As a breeder you sometimes have to rehome a dog for two reasons:
One reason is the dog can’t live in the pack even though you’ve tried.
You don’t want dogs that keep fighting or feel unhappy.
The other reason is that as a breeder you have to continue with new lines to keep a breed strong and healthy.
And dogs need a lot of love and attention. If you have a lot of dogs, that is no longer possible.
Then you have to make choices because every dog ​​deserves a good life.
We absolutely do not like to lock up dogs!!!
If we have to rehome a dog, he/she will be spayed/neutered.
But it hurts us to make these kinds of choices.
We are so sad about this.
You are talking about a living being.
But you’re doing it for the dog because he or she needs to be happy.
They only go to very good owners where they can stay for the rest of their lives.

All dogs are perfectly healthy and fully tested for 220 genetic hereditary abnormalities, externally tested for all possible hereditary abnormalities (including X-rays of the back, knees, elbows, hips and larynx) and throat inspection under general anesthesia!!! 

They absolutely don’t go away for free, the costs are 500 Euros including official FCI pedigree.
Dogs older than 5 years old will not be relocated.

French Bulldog kennel Bulls or Crown.